My involuntary collection…

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As a child I used to collect fossils and nice-looking rocks. I would hang them on the wall in second-hand type cases my parents bought for me. I spent hours looking at an touching those stones. It truly was my hobby. When we would go on vacation, we would even bring a hammer and a pickaxe and my father and I once took a beautiful fossil from a rock. Those are some beautiful memories…
But those days are over. I really don’t want to start a new collection. You can find everything at thrift stores and I fear that if I start a collection I will have an entire room filled with these things.

However, I do have one collection. An involuntary one… This is my involuntary collection. Four little scooters. Read on to find out how a person gets an involuntary collection.

How does one get an involuntary collection? I sometimes still wonder myself. This collection was pretty much there before I really noticed. Here’s the thing: my boyfriend has a scooter. He’s had it since he was sixteen. He’s twenty-six now and has a car, so now I make more use of that scooter than he does. I love that scooter, because we had a great adventure with it: In the year 2009, we drove to London on the scooter. We first went to Calais in France and then took the boat.

It was a fantastic adventure, our mini version of the motorcycle diaries.
So again and in short: I love that scooter! And my parents know that. That’s why they once bought me a mini scooter when they were in a thrift store. And they did that four times. And that’s how I got an involuntary collection.

Of course, the word ‘involuntary’ has a negative connotation. But in this case that does not apply. I call it involuntary, because I always say I do not want a collection. But I love this involuntary collection! It always reminds me of our scooter adventure.

So thanks mum and dad, that you still know how to impose some things on me. I really enjoy it.


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