Proper copper (can be found at thrift shops)

Posted on 2 min. leestijd

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onze koperen kringloopkoopjes.
Our copper thrift finds

My love for copper has gotten bigger and bigger over the last few weeks. I can spend half an hour on the internet, looking at pictures of interior design with copper and I can stare at our own copper vase for minutes.
I think that this love has gotten so strong because in my opinion, our copper vase is currently perfect! When you polish copper it is extremely shiny and over time it gets increasingly darker and more mat until it has a dull brown color. At that point I don’t like it anymore either. Luckily, polishing copper is as easy as pie.

Voor het poetsen: ongezellig dof
Before polishing
Na het poetsen: kijk 'em glimmen!
After polishing

It has been a year and a half since I polished the vase (which is actually a coal bucket, but I use it as a vase) and I think the shine of the vase is now perfect:

De vaas anderhalf jaar na het poetsen.
The vase a year and a half after polishing it.

The reason I love copper so much is that it has a warm color, yet has an industrial look, which makes it snug yet stylish at the same time.

During my internet searches I discovered that I prefer copper when it’s combined with light colors and especially pastels. The risk of copper is that it looks old fashioned. I have the feeling that this happens when it’s combined with dark, warm colors, such as brown and red. I prefer to keep it light. That way it is nice and fresh. Here are some inspiring images of copper which I got from Pinterest:

koper met lichtrozekoper met groenblauwkoper met witkoper met grijsblauwkoper met witkopermetblauw

Copper is something that cannot be bought better at any place but a thrift shop! Copper is pretty costly, but at thrift shops the copper items are usually less expensive than their material is actually worth. For instance, our copper vase costed €8,50 and I bought the lower pot for €6,00 at thrift shops. I don’t know what it’s like across the borders, but in the Netherlands, thrift shops are completely packed with copper. It has usually turned mat, but if you can look through that and you buy some copper polish, you can find the most gorgeous items! So if you would like to implement some copper into your interior, definitely check out a thrift shop in your neighbourhood!

Do you like copper?

What do you think?

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