• Mijn kringloop/merkkleding-paradox

    vrijdag 21 augustus, 2015 Permalink Reacties: 6

    Ik zie mezelf graag als een logisch persoon. Toegegeven, ik hang van emotionele extremen aan elkaar, maar het is wel vrijwel altijd consistent en beredeneerd. Echter, er is wel een kronkel in mijn hersenen die tot een paradox geleid heeft: mijn kringloop/merkkleding-paradox. Ik zou deze paradox als volgt willen toelichten:

    Ik houd niet van nieuwe merkkleding waarbij het merk heel groot op het kledingstuk staat. Echter, als zo’n kledingstuk bij de kringloop ligt vind ik het juist wel heel leuk.

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  • SHOOTD: Casual Friday

    woensdag 2 april, 2014 Permalink 0

    The office I work at practices casual Friday. I’m not sure whether they are actually calling it that, but on Fridays the number of blue jeans seems to be quadrupled and blazers make way for sweaters. I’m still trying to find my way in casual Friday. My truly casual clothes feel a bit too casual, one should think of worn jeans, old sneakers and sporty cardigans. That’s why up until now I’m interpreting casual Friday with fairly chic clothes, but with much more colour than I normally wear to work. An example of this is this Second-Hand Outfit Of The Day:

    outfitI myself really like this outfit, but I’m not entirely sure whether it is casual Friday-proof. Is this too formal? Or is it not formal enough? One thing I do know is that it was not expensive. The total cost me €13,99.

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  • My new spring coat

    woensdag 26 maart, 2014 Permalink 0

    At the end of January I showed you my new second-hand winter coat. Today I want to show you my new second-hand spring coat!

    lentejas1What makes this coat special is the jute-like linnen fabric. I like the combination of the rough fabric and the feminine cut of the coat.

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  • SHOOTD: Important meetings

    donderdag 20 maart, 2014 Permalink 0

    As you may know I start working at a large bank a month and a half ago. It’s not demanded of me to dress very neatly, but I admit I actually like dressing up representative. That’s why I like the days I have important meetings, because I see them as an opportunity to work a little extra on my outfit.

    zuidas2Today I would like to share one of these outfits with you. Because I might wear them on occasions on which I wish to look extra representative, they’re still purchased at thrift shops. In total this Second-Hand Outftit Of The Day only cost me a mere €21,49!

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